dunivan + the myndliss crew - Sometimes The Underdog Wins

The second 'myndliss crew' record! This record was recorded at Studio Orlando in Orlando, FL. It features Bill Cagle on drum programming, keyboards/organs, guitars, and backing vocals and as well as Bryant Dunivan on bass, guitars, and spiel. This album was released in February of 2008 and received mixed reviews. Available now in both physical and digital formats. Purchase links are to the left!

1. by the numbers
2. a diamond and pearl
3. lately youve been lonely
4. take it down
5. dreamin about the weekend
6. friends through a screen
7. so i wrote
8. sometimes the underdog wins
9. wont fight your war
10. glorified images
11. hallmark day

Released: February 1, 2008
Cover Art by Christi Horngren
Bill Cagle on Keyboards/Organ, Guitar,and Backing Vocals
Bryant Dunivan on Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, and Spiel