Lighthouse on the Horizon - Rough Seas EP

Formed on the beaches of Florida, Lighthouse on the Horizon is a musical project more then a band. It was founded on the premise that music as we know it is being damaged by the major labels, and that only a return to music’s independent roots can set it free. Recording was started in 2008, for a series of demos that were to become part of a larger release called “The Sea and The Shore.” 30 demo songs were recorded during 2008 and 2009, of those songs, we have released 7.

1. Primordial Melody
2. Soundclash
3. Fugazi (Long Beach Dub Allstars Cover)
4. Just Waiting
5. Abuse of Authority
6. Names in the Stars
7. El Lay (Nofx Cover)

Released: May 7, 2012
All lyrics and instrumentation by Bryant Dunivan
Abuse of Authority - Originally by dunivan + the myndliss crew
Fugazi - Lyrics by Ras 1
El Lay - Lyrics by Fat Mike of NOFX