dunivan + the myndliss crew - liveadaptevolverepeat

Our first release, and the first 'myndliss crew' record! This record was recorded at Studio 685 in Port St. Lucie, FL. It features Bill Cage (keyboards) and Tim Fox (drums) as backing musicians, as well as Bryant Dunivan (bass and spiel). This album was released in March of 2006 and sold over 2,000 copies. Available now only in digital format, purchase link(s) are to the left.

1. Song For Coltrane to Play
2. Abuse of Authority
3. Georgies Song (a Hole in the Building)
4. Y.a.g.r
5. Death of a Philosopher
6. Chilean Lover
7. A Flashback…
8. Drunken Disposition
9. Skys Dem Fallin'

Released: March 7th, 2006
Produced by Bill Cagle
Bill Cagle on Keys/Organ + Production
Tim Fox on Drums + Samples
Bryant Dunivan on Bass + Spiel