About Make A Move Records!

Make A Move Records was founded in January of 2006 after a unsuccessful foray into the traditional American workforce (key goal - to buy a bass guitar.) This failure founded a concept - to create a community of musicians with an experience in doing things econo. Yeah, we stole that line from mike watt and the minutemen, but who cares its our credo now, motherfuckers. We're a label with that take what you can get and ask questions later attitude that makes great music and that is all we are in it for.

We started from humble roots - long boad records (founded 2003 - screw Beck and crew) - and we were all about making fringe music. After making a few records and learning how to record, we changed our name to Make A Move Records. We focused on reggae music, dub music, some jazz, and some hip hop, and released liveadaptevolverepeat in partnership with O'neil Records. We got burned on that deal, signed a few bands, and released our first srecord - Sometimes the Underdog Wins. After that, we went into a little bit of a hiatus.

Fast forward a few years and we put out a few new records - the pre-rastone ep, Rough Seas EP by Lighthouse on the Horizon, and a Nine Song Sampler that was in high demand. Now we are prepping an acoustic Lighthouse on the Horizon EP, a new Lighthouse album, as well as, perhaps, a final dunivan + the myndliss crew ep.

We hope you stay tuned to what we are doing - sign up for the mailing list above and tell your friends about us.